Baby formula recall has been made over a potential choking hazard.

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Nestle is recalling one of its baby formula products as it contains pieces of plastic that babies could choke on.

Eight batches of 800g SMA Wysoy Infant Formula are included in the recall, which was issued Tuesday by the Food Standards Agency on behalf of Nestle UK and Ireland.

“The presence of blue plastic makes this product unsafe to eat and presents a potential choking hazard to babies,” the agency said.

Nestle UK is not currently subject to legal action over this incident, however Top Class Actions follows recalls closely as they can sometimes result in class action lawsuits. 

Nestle UK said it issued the recall after some of its cans of baby formula were found to contain pieces of the blue plastic used to make the scoops. SMA Wysoy is marketed as a baby formula made for babies with a cow’s milk intolerance, which can be given to babies from birth.

“If you have a can from one of the affected batches, please don’t feed your baby with it,” Nestle said.

Originally only three batches were recalled, but Nestle added another five batches on Tuesday. The best before dates for the recalled products range from Aug. 20, 2021, to Sept. 7, 2022. 

Parents who feed their babies SMA Wysoy should look on the base of the formula cans to check the batch number and are advised to stop giving the formula to babies if it matches one of the batch numbers: 923357651Z, 928957651Z, 000957651Z, 015757651Z, 024957651Z, 025057652Z, 025057651Z, 025157651Z.

The Food Standards Agency asks that consumers call the UK SMA Careline on 0800 081 8180 to arrange a full refund and have any questions answered.

The Food Standards Agency said point of sale notices would also be displayed in all retail stores selling the product. 

Over in the United States, three class action lawsuits were filed last year against three toddler formula manufacturers, with the complaints alleging the “transition” toddler formulas dupe parents into thinking the products adhere to the same standards as infant formula.

Have you used infant formula for your baby? What do you think about this recall? Let us know in the comments!

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